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STP Brindisi has ensured for over 30 years the public transport service in the town of Brindisi and throughout the entire territory of its province. As a Co.Tr.A.P. associated company, it carries out the Local Public Transport of:  

  • urban public transport within Brindisi municipality, integrated with the sea transport service within the internal harbour waters, the students transport service from the rural areas of Brindisi Municipality and the special services for people with disabilities;
  • urban public transport within the Municipalities of Ostuni, Francavilla Fontana;
  • intermunicipal LPT of Brindisi Province;
  • interprovincial LPT with Lecce and Taranto.

L.P.T. on direct operation:

  • urban public transport in the Municipality of Mesagne.

Complementary services:

  • Special services for people with disabilities;
  • Occasional bus transport service and special services for the community's needs.

Our history


 In the immediate postwar period in Brindisi territory, the public road transport service sets its first significant establishment during the launch of various private initiatives that enhance the existing bus services and introduce a series of new connections among various Municipalities in the Province and among each of them and the chief town. The launch of a genuine urban road transport service in the town of Brindisi dates back to that time period (1949), in support of the motorboat service, the only stable connection between the two sections of the town at that time.
It was a private citizen, the knight commander Mr. Cosimo Moretto, who set up two urban lines that left from the Maritime Station and linked some outlying areas: the Casale and the Appia street area.
In 1950 the Moretto co. started the first seasonal connection service between the city centre and the beach resort of Fiume Grande. This is the very first but comprehensive network of services at territorial level.
In the decade 1951-1960, a change in the local economic scenario was observed with a development of industrial activity that culminated in 1959 in the start of the establishment of the Montecatini plant. All this, also considering the marginal role played at that time by the private motorization, led to the development of the urban and suburban road transport system, so that it became a crucial element for the civil and economic development of Brindisi and the entire province.
In 1964, the Nuova Italsud Spa of Bari succeeded to the Moretto co. Later, the debate rose on the need to promote the service through supporting financial interventions, which led to the creation of the Azienda Municipalizzata Autotrasporti Brindisi (AMAB) (1969).
In 1970, the management was completely reorganized: that led Brindisi to be one of the first cities in Italy to establish, among other things, the sole agent. AMAB managed the urban transport service in Brindisi from 06/07/1969 to 03/31/1975 and it was in these years that the service was reshaped to satisfy the demand for an increasingly wide segment of citizens, thus reporting about 4 million travelers/year.
With the institution of the regions, the issue of public transport was tackled through a perspective aimed at rationalizing the networks, with AMAB as a reference point for our province and the creation of a single corporate structure, capable of setting up a unitary and integrated organizational structure of all services at territorial level, and thought up to overcome the phase of the first precarious entrustments of suburban lines to AMAB. Storia
And there was born the Società Trasporti Pubblici Brindisi Spa, whose foundation came about especially thanks to the cooperation of the AMAB President Esq. Cataldo Motta, Esq. Corrado Mautarelli and Mr. Franco Arina M.D. (to whom the company’s name of STP is owed), as well as the Trade Unions at that time represented by the Confederal Secretaries D'Aloisio, Landella and Milani.
In the early years of STP's activity, the work focused on rationalising the employment of staff with the first services of automatic fare collection extended also to the extra-urban lines with the establishment of the Cisternino-Fasano line (1984).
This was a phase characterized by a rise in the users rate, the number of travelers grew considerably reaching its historical peak: over 20,000 passengers per day across the entire network.
During the five-year period 1975-79, the former Simelettronica's real estate acquisition was started with the simultaneous launch of the transformation works planning for the construction of the new head office and annexed garage-depot: it closed with a positive balance, thanks to the consolidated idea of a provincial unified management of transport services based on the very creation of STP, and the users’ appreciation towards the new logic of services as well as their quantitative and qualitative growth.
Today STP is the reference point within COTRAP for the public transport service management in our province and with over 5 million travelers per year, an assets of skills and people, it is one of the most important public transport companies in Apulia.


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